I write memoir because I believe that making sense of my story will help my readers bring more meaning to their lives.

We spend our lives pursuing happiness and meaning, but often end up repeating old mistakes. Understanding why we do this is the first step to change and healing.


While writing my upcoming memoir I have figured out the hardest riddles of my life: why I kept sabotaging myself and the people I loved, what parts of me stayed hidden behind an impenetrable wall, and how deeply the roots of trauma infiltrated everything I did.


I hope my memoir will offer you, dear reader, some insights into the complexity of your own life, and encourage you to reclaim your whole, beautiful, imperfect self.


I’m also working on a collection of personal essays about the many things we leave behind. Growth and loss are interconnected, but it’s not always easy to let go. (Take a peek at the collection with this story about an irresistible dress, published in The Penmen Review.)


Aside from writing, I help other people tell their own life stories as a ghostwriter, editor and writing coach though my business Vida Now, which I launched in 2017.

Personal Essays / Memoir

The Dress

The Penmen Review


It was turquoise green with black side panels—a simple sheath in stretchy nylon that fit in a fist. When I tried it on I instantly knew it was mine.


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The Thin Black Taste of Summer

Front Porch Journal


“Here, your allowance.” Mom gives me two and half pesetas, like every Saturday afternoon when we are in San Julián.


“Gracias!” I rush upstairs to put one and a half pesetas in my nightstand, hidden under my journal. The other peseta I keep in my pocket.


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My Books

Juego de Voces

Juego de Voces

Ediciones Navegante, 1997.
Mercè Rodoreda: Una bibliografia crítica.

Mercè Rodoreda: Una bibliografia crítica.

Institut d’Estudis Catalans, 2003. (Fundació Mercè rodoreda Award.)
Mercè Rodoreda: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography

Mercè Rodoreda: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography

Scarecrow Press, 2004.

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