Writer's Manifesto

Writer’s Manifesto: A Tool to Believe in Yourself

Writing is an act of faith and a Writer’s Manifesto can become its sacred text.

Nobody assures me that the time I dedicate to an essay, an article, a blog post, or a whole book, is going to pay off with publication, readers, or money. If I didn’t believe in my mission as a writer, I couldn’t spend so many hours on the craft.

Having absolute clarity about my beliefs keeps me going through challenging times. That’s why I wrote my writer’s manifesto.

Any person that wants to follow their dreams can benefit from crafting a manifesto. You don’t need to follow the artist’s path. Maybe your dream is being a good parent, inspiring students in a classroom, or offering a delightful experience to diners in a restaurant. Whatever it is, clarifying your beliefs around it will reinforce your commitment.

Here is the writer’s manifesto that keeps me going through the ups and downs of writing my memoir:

Isidra’s Writer’s Manifesto

  • I believe in the power of stories to bring meaning to our lives.
  • I believe in reflecting the light and darkness we all carry with insight and compassion, so I can help others accept their own complex truth.
  • I believe connection is the heart of human existence, and showing my full self is the key to connecting with my audience.
  • I believe in courage, kindness, and accepting imperfection.
  • I believe art should delight, teach, and inspire.
  • I believe that when I commit to my vision for a piece of writing, independently of what the reception could be, I do my best work.
  • I believe rejection is just a step in the journey to find my tribe.
  • I believe, as Zola said, that, “The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work.”
  • I believe each person has a unique gift to bring to the world.
  • I believe writing is my gift, and the path to my true self.

What gift do you want to bring to the world? And what beliefs will sustain you through rough times? I encourage you to write your own manifesto to crystalize and reinforce your vision.

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