Editorial Services

I’m a bilingual writer and editor with over two decades of experience.

Writing Coach

From your book’s outline to the finished manuscript, I offer you weekly support and feedback to get you writing consistently and well.

Developmental Editor

Get detailed comments to improve your finished manuscript: clarify your themes, review the structure, develop your characters, and burnish your style.


You have a unique story. I can help you write it in an engaging way. I ghostwrite memoirs, narrative non-fiction books, articles, and blog posts.

Writing Coach

Tell Your Story

Many writers face daily struggles that derail their creative process. Perhaps you have a hard time keeping up a writing schedule or you got stuck in the middle of a manuscript. Or maybe you fear your book doesn’t have a clear theme and the story rambles. You don’t need to face these challenges alone.


As a writing coach, I’ll help you take your manuscript to the finish line with confidence. I’m committed to supporting you and challenging you to do your best work.


This is how we will collaborate:

  • I will help you clarify the main theme(s) of your book and create an outline.
  • You will submit 10-20 pages a week and I will provide feedback in writing. The main focus will be developmental editing (plot, style, themes, characters, and so on), although I may suggest some line edits. I will also point out your main strengths and suggest how to leverage them.
  • We will have a ½ hour phone call every other week for guidance and support.
  • Enjoy unlimited email access to me between phone calls.
  • Minimum commitment of four months.


Contact me for information about pricing. Each package includes a complimentary half an hour phone call to discuss your project.

Developmental Editor

Strengthen Your Voice

A writer writes alone, but every great book is the result of a collaboration. As a developmental editor I can help you answer the many questions swirling through your mind: Is the structure of my book the best one for the story? Are the characters well developed? Is the plot engaging? Does it flow well? Will the first ten pages of my manuscript grab the attention of a literary agent, a publisher, and ultimately, the reader? Is the end impactful?


I will help you make your manuscript the best that it can be, by analyzing structure, plot, narrative arc, characters, style, and themes.


This is how we will collaborate:


  • We will have an initial phone or video conversation to talk about your project.
  • I will read your manuscript at least two times: the first one is a read trough to get a general impression of the story. The second time I will make detailed comments on the margin and use track changes for suggested edits (these are developmental edits, not copy editing, as the manuscript can still change a lot at this point.)
  • I will send you the manuscript with my comments and tracked changes, and a 2 to 3 pages editorial letter detailing my main recommendations to improve the book.
  • We will have a second phone conversation to review my suggestions, answer any questions you may have, and discuss next steps.


Contact me for information about pricing. Each package includes a complimentary half an hour phone call to discuss your project.


Build Your Legacy

I believe that the most precious gift you can offer to the world is the TRUE you. Whether you want to write a memoir for your loved ones, a self-help book, or an inspirational book for entrepreneurs, I can help you write your story in an engaging way.


Here is how we will collaborate:


  • We will have an initial call to discuss your project and draw a general outline of your book, including the main theme(s) and chapters. We will tease out not only major chronological events, but also the dreams, struggles, and learnings that shaped your life and/or your career.
  • We will meet for a series of 2-hour interviews (in person or by phone/video). Our conversation will include questions designed to elicit your memories, and go deeper in your understanding of your themes. I will record your answers. (Nothing you tell me will be published in the book without your permission. All the recordings are your property and will be given to you at the end of the process.)
  • I will transcribe the recordings and use them as the foundation to write your story, so it will be told in your own voice.
  • You will review the manuscript and provide feedback three times: 1) Each chapter individually in a Word document. 2) The whole book in a Word document. 3) The whole book in its final designed layout if it’s an illustrated book, or in Word with all your feedback incorporated. Additional reviews are available for an extra fee.
  • I offer trade book or illustrated/luxury book formats (coffee table book). For the luxury format, I will help you select images, and I’ll optimize them for display. Each luxury book offers a unique design suited to your story and your personality.
  • I can also work with you on a book proposal to help you land a literary agent or a publishing house, including outline, comparative research, author’s platform and chapter samples.



Contact me for information about pricing. Each package includes a complimentary half an hour phone call to discuss your project.

My Credentials

I have over twenty years of experience as a writer and editor. I have worked with C-Level executives and people without a high school education to make their dreams of publishing a book come true. I am fully bilingual English/Spanish.


I have a PhD in Spanish and Latin American Contemporary literature from UC Berkeley, where I also taught literature and creative writing for 12 years. My personal essays have been published in prestigious literary magazines like the Chicago Quarterly Review and Front Porch Journal, and my story “My Books and I” was listed as a Notable Essay in the Best American Essays anthology (October 2019). I have also published in general interest outlets like the Huffington Post and Better After Fifty, and I managed a blog that reached over a million monthly readers in less than a year (El Blog de BabyCenter).


I respect each client’s specific strengths and goals, and I offer a fully individualized approach to each project and passionate support throughout the process.


“What can I say about Isidra Mencos? She is not only a talented writer, but her guidance to get me moving forward with my own writing was absolutely invaluable. Through a series of meetings that were actually interviews, I told Isidra my stories. This is something that comes naturally to me, but writing felt like an insurmountable task. From the interviews and the key things that she heard in each story, she helped me put together an outline of the whole book, and define each chapter. Then she skillfully guided me through writing four chapters for my book proposal. She helped me go from wishing I could write a memoir, to being excited about getting my memoir out there for all of you to read!!!”

Carol Steele, Cuba.

“If you are looking for a writing coach or developmental editor, I highly recommend Isidra’s services. As someone who hadn’t written extensively since graduate school, when I decided to write a book I was intimidated by the process. Isidra first met with me to help me define the themes of the book and create an outline; then she guided me through the entirety of the first draft. I found her coaching style inspirational, clear and pragmatic. I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to work with her. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to write a book and needs some guidance or help with their project.”

Melissa Moya, North Carolina.

Isidra is a superb multilingual editor who masterfully weaves in the skills of a literary critic and creative writer. I appreciate her keen ability to see the big picture bringing out salient themes, but also key details to enhance the work. She is tactful in her commentary and supportive in the writing journey that can often be daunting. The exercises she suggested I use to delve more deeply into memory and create effective scenes are proving very helpful. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Sonia P. Ticas, Oregon.

“I hired Isidra as an editor to bring my writing to the next level. I had already written three books and been published in a number of business publications. But I wanted to elevate my style and place my articles in major publications. She provided invaluable feedback about my ideas and storytelling techniques, which included several rounds of developmental editing. As a result of her assistance, I felt much more comfortable submitting my essays to major publications. Many thanks Isidra!”

Joe Kutchera, Michigan.

“I just read your Overview and Summary, and halfway through I heard myself say out loud and with conviction, “God, she’s GOOD!” I feel heard and understood by you; thank you for your deep and empathetic read! You are SPOT-ON with your comments, suggestions, insights and intel. Your words inspire me to believe that I DO have something that is engaging and worthy to share, and with some cleanup and clarification, will be even more exciting and compelling for the reader. Again, I can’t thank you enough! There’s just no way my book would be publish-worthy without your keen insights and suggestions for improvement.”

— Kristy Weiss, California.

“I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with Isidra on a book for parents to help their young kids become eager readers. Isidra was a good listener and asked insightful probing questions. She is well organized, and systematic. After each session together she would deliver a revised section with efficiency and clarity. What a delight! I highly recommend her ghostwriting and editing services.”

Judy Kranzler, California.

Isidra’s developmental editing of my manuscript helped me enhance my story.  Her professional and objective critique and support inspired me to delve more deeply into some themes with clarity.  I highly recommend Isidra’s work. Thank you!

— Elsa Cortez, Arizona.

“It was a real pleasure to work with Isidra. Since our first introduction, Isidra has been nothing but friendly, professional, and courteous. She provided great insight about my story, told me where I needed transitions, and story adjustments. I look forward to working with her again soon and would recommend her to anyone looking for an editor.”

Mari Rodriguez, Texas.

“I came to Isidra for help, as a new writer, with no author experience other than papers I wrote for university assignments. And I came with a very ambitious project, a biographical novel about my father, Daniel Santos, a Latin American musical icon. To pass the scrutiny of his thousands of fans, the research and writing style had to be impeccable. Isidra’s developmental coaching was instrumental in the writing of my novel. Thanks to her candid, easy-to-follow suggestions, I was able to quickly catch on and work independently after a short period of time under her tutelage. I am grateful that my first book-writing lessons came from such a skilled author as Isidra Mencos.”

Danilu Santos-Price, Virginia.

“Isidra is the consummate professional. I am grateful for her expertise and direction during the editing of the Spanish version of my book. As an author, I couldn’t have worked with a more efficient and thorough editor. I highly recommend her work!”

Mari Bellas, California.

“Isidra got my voice throughout and wrote my story in a masterful way. I found great pleasure in working with Isidra during sessions that focused on getting to my most intimate memories. She knows how to ask, how to inspire trust, and how to tell an engaging story.”

Celia Tejada, California.

Isidra had the patience and dedication to listen to my story and the creativity and skills to help me bring it to paper for my son. She has become a true friend and the person that knows me best in the world, and for that, I’m honored.”

Marc Stoll, California.

“Isidra Mencos escuchó mi historia con atención, la entendió, y me ayudó a escribirla, empujándome a ir hondo para extraer su sentido. Escribir con ella fue una experiencia maravillosa, porque además de ser una gran profesional, es una gran persona.”

Carmen Cambil Maleno, España.


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