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Welcome! I’m Isidra.

My memoir Promenade of Desire—A Barcelona Memoir will come out Fall 2022 at She Writes Press. I am also working on a collection of personal essays about the many selves we leave behind entitled Mandala Way. Read more about my writings and take a peek at some of my published essays, The Dress and The Thin Black Taste of Summer.


I also help other people tell their own stories as a ghostwriter, editor, and writing coach. Read more about my editorial services.

From Barcelona to Berkeley

I was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, where I spent my 20s experimenting with the new freedoms afforded by the end of the Franco dictatorship—bouncing from man to man and job to job. I freelanced for prestigious publishing houses, traveled the world as a tour leader and worked for the Olympic Committee. I came to the US in 1992 to study a PhD in Spanish and Latin American Contemporary Literature. I was accepted by several universities but I chose the University of California, Berkeley, because it sounded bohemian and I had a friend who lived in that city. Sometimes you just have to follow your gut.


My PhD years were happy and fruitful. I made a lot of friends, enjoyed the coursework, and ended up teaching at UC Berkeley for 12 years, first as a Graduate Student Instructor and then as a Lecturer. I taught Spanish language, literature, culture, and creative writing, and won two teaching awards.

From Freelancer to Corporate Leader

Parallel to teaching I developed a business as a freelance writer and editor for Spanish-speaking media in the US. I had multi-year collaborations with Time Inc. and Sunset among other companies, and I wrote hundreds of articles for multiple times Emmy-award winner Jorge Ramos, recognized by Time magazine as one of 25 most important US Hispanics.


I quit freelancing in 2006 to launch a successful 10-year corporate career as Executive Editor and Editorial Director of the Americas at BabyCenter, the leading digital global resource for parents. I managed teams in the US, Canada and Latin America, and helped them gain or maintain leadership in their markets through top quality content and digital products.
My North Star

From Love to Books

With all that going on, I still managed to fall in love, get married, have a child and keep connected to my family with trips abroad every year or two. I also published two books, one of short stories and an awarded academic book.


In 2016 I quit my plush corporate job to focus on creative writing, a lifelong dream. Since then, I’ve been widely published in literary journals and general interest magazines.


I’ve had a varied, winding career, but the common denominator has always been a focus on words and stories. That’s because I passionately believe in the power of story to help us bring meaning to the world.


Today I live in Northern California with my husband and my 20 year-old-son. When I’m not writing or working, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading, going to art exhibits, and salsa dancing. My guilty pleasures are chocolate, black licorice, and bingeing on Netflix. And my bad moods turn immediately into good moods when I walk among redwoods.

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